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Politicians are holding us back in the past, let’s get back to the future -
In the first 100 days of a new government, we can show our leaders just how many Australians want to
supercharge the upgrade to renewable energy and leave coal and gas in the ground.
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Meet You Member

Australia has a new government. Now we’ve got the opportunity to set their agenda for the next 3 years.

Over the next three months AYCC volunteers and members will be meeting with newly elected MPs and Senators across the country. 

We'll be asking them to: 

  • Keep their promise to ensure no taxpayer money goes to Adani’s port, rail and mine infrastructure in the Galilee Basin.

  • Ensure no tax payer money goes into funding the Northern Territory gas pipeline. 

  • Fund Australia’s first ever large scale solar thermal plant in Port Augusta.

You can meet your local MP to make sure supercharging the switch to 100% renewable energy and leaving coal and gas in the ground is a priority.

Take Action!

The next 3 years are critical for action on climate change, our politicians must act to upgrade Australia to 100% renewable energy and leave coal and gas in the past.