Malcolm, keep your promise: no funding for Adani's dangerous coal mine

Dear Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull,

During the election you promised that there would be no public funding for Adani’s mega coal projects, please make sure any of their applications for a loan from the Northern Australia Infrastructure Fund are put in the bin.

5,000 signatures

Malcolm made a promise to you during the election campaign that there would be no public funding for Adani’s mega coal projects. 

Turnbull has just announced his new cabinet and conservative Nationals Senator Matthew Canavan has been promoted to the Minister for Resources and Northern Australia. This is VERY concerning for two reasons: 

  1. He believes Adani's Carmichael coal projects are "incredibly exciting"
  2. He denies the science of climate change

Malcolm's promotion of a climate denying, coal advocate to the role of Resources Minister and Minister for Northern Australia throws doubt on whether he is serious about this promise. 

Sign the petition calling on Malcolm to put Adani's applications for the dangerous Carmichael coal projects in the bin so the coal in the Galilee Basin stays underground where it belongs. 

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The next 3 years are critical for action on climate change, our politicians must act to upgrade Australia to 100% renewable energy and leave coal and gas in the past.