Malcolm, you said you'd repower Port Augusta, now make it happen.

To the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Minister for Energy and Resources Josh Frydenberg MP, 

As a matter of urgency, lock in the finance for building Australia's first large solar thermal plant with storage in Port Augusta. 

3,000 signatures

Clean power on demand and new clean jobs is something the Port Augusta community has fighting for over the last five years. In the wake of the old coal stations closing, building solar thermal in Port Augusta has never been more urgent.

It's time to make solar thermal in Port Augusta happen. With the Liberal, Labor, Nick Xenophon and Greens parties all supporting solar thermal before the election and serious companies ready to build it together we can turn that support into funding for solar thermal in Port Augusta.

Sign the petition to Prime Minister Turnbull and Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg asking them to come through on their promise to the Port Augusta community and sign the dotted line for funding for solar thermal in Port Augusta. 

The next 3 years are critical for action on climate change, our politicians must act to upgrade Australia to 100% renewable energy and leave coal and gas in the past.